Communication Skills Training

The ability to communicate effectively is a vital life competence that influences our level of professional success, the stability of our family life, the quality of our social relationships and our personal happiness.

It is undoubtedly true that effective communication skills are essential for nearly everything we do in life. Beginning from interacting with our friends, engaging with a social group up to giving a professional presentation or negotiating.

The most excellent communicators inspire and engage people, help them to take positive and effective measures, and remove barriers to their understanding.


This training will help you to :

- understand why good communication skills are essential and useful

- understand the significance of body language

- understand the language you use

- recognise and name your emotion

- form new habits that strengthen relationships

- understand the common communication blocks that affect relationships negatively

- be assertive and set boundaries

- communicate with much improved clarity, confidence and persuasiveness

- have an open, absorbing and entertaining conversation with others

- ask compelling questions that will get you more relevant answers

- give constructive feedback that will win you the respect of others

- deal with complex or challenging conversations

- and much, much more...



Kommunikationstraining in Wien

Effective Communication Training Outline

  • The Art of Mind Control
  • Communication Skills Self-Assessment
  • Heart and Minds
  • Learning From The Past
  • Understanding The Halo Effect
  • Monologue & Dialogue
  • Stages of Relationship
  • Stages of Trust
  • Effective Use of Emotion
  • Empathy in Action
  • Open & Closed Questions
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • Relationship Building 'Softeners'
  • Responding to Questions Appropriately
  • Understanding People Types
  • Communication Barriers
  • Communication Situations
  • Body Language - What do our bodies say?
  • Gestures
  • Individual Evaluation

Next Steps...

This training is most suitable for everybody who wants to communicate effectively on a regular basis, as the skills and lessons can be instantly and easily applied.

The training includes practical exercises, all necessary materials and a workbook for further practice at home.

The training may take place in our office, at your company or via Skype and can be conducted one-to-one or in a group.

Insensitivity,  time and topics are flexible and will be tailored to personal needs.


1h(60min) -  one-to-one training - 55€

10h - one-to-one training - 490€

20h - one-to-one training - 790€

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