Individual English Training

Individual English Training is designed for you to give you the chance to take the most advantage of the time available so that your specific needs will get the individual attention that is required.

General English Training

is designed to gain confidence and develop the ability to use English in a variety of contexts including work, studies, travel and to live in an English-speaking country.

You will develop your general English language skills, focusing on:

  • listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as grammar and vocabulary
  • listening to a range of different audio materials
  • practising conversational grammar
  • expanding vocabulary
  • learning communication strategies
  • training pronunciation

You will focus on key areas of the language:

  • Social and intercultural English
  • English for work and travel
  • Spoken English and Idioms
  • Media, news and views
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Pronunciation
  • and more

English for Specific Purposes

This course will benefit any person who needs to develop effective communication skills in English for use in their business life.

You will get the chance to learn how to:

  • increase soft skills
  • communicate more effectively and fluently
  • approach negotiations more diplomatically
  • be able to respond more spontaneously in different situations
  • tackle conflicts at work
  • gain confidence

You will cover the following areas:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiations – persuading, bargaining, compromising
  • Presentations – making yourself clear, effective structuring and emphasising
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Accuracy in pronunciation

English for Professionals

You will to feel more confident in professional situations and improve your understanding of Business English.

The crucial aspects will be covered so that you will learn how to:

  • negotiate more effectively
  • use your vocabulary and grammar for business contexts
  • improve your networking skills
  • be able to write more effective emails
  • agree and disagree
  • asking appropriate questions
  • clarifying, confirming and summarising

The course includes:

  • Real-life interviews with real-life entrepreneurs
  • Transcripts of each interview
  • Detailed explanation of all new business terms and expressions
  • Everyday 'office' conversations
  •  Business expressions/vocabulary and more


Design your lesson.

Boost your English and communication skills.

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Intensive English Course - Different Levels

One-to-One lessons at home, office or via Skype.

Choose between one- or two-week course / 3 or 4 hours a day.

You will strengthen your English knowledge and gain confidence in speaking.

During the course, you will practice grammar intensively and expand your vocabulary, spoken phrases and collocations.

Special price:

  • 480€ for a one-week course (20 x 60min)
  • 380€ for a one week course (15 x 60min)

Below an example of intensive English Course on B2 level.

Day One 4x 60 min

Topic:Travel & Transport
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
Grammar:Present tenses: Present Simple, Continuous
Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous,
Stative Verbs


Day Two 4x 60 min

Topic: Hobbies & Sport and games
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
GrammarPast tenses:
Past Simple & Continuous
Would, used to
be/get used to


Day Three 4x 60 min

Topic: Health and Fitness
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives / so, such, enough, too


Day Four 4x 60 min

Topic: Science and Technology
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
Grammar: Future tenses: present tenses, Future Simple & Continuous, be going to, will, be about to
Prepositions of time and place


Day Five 4x 60 min

Topic: Work and Business
-Prepositional phrases
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
Grammar: Adverbs, Possessive ‘s and s’, Possessive determines and pronouns: my, mine, her, hers etc.


Day Six 4x 60 min

Topic: Food and Drink, Social activities
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
All tenses revision,
The Passive


Day Seven 4x 60 min

Topic: Money and Shopping
-Phrases and collocations
-Phrasal Verbs
Would rather, had better, prefer
Verb + ing
First Conditional
If… , Unless…


Day Eight 4x 60 min

Topic: Communicating with people
-Short spoken phrases
-Spoken responses
-Say, tell and see
- Opinions
-Getting in touch
Grammar: Infinitives of purpose
Verb + to
Verb + (+object) +to
Adjective + to


Day Nine 4x 60 min

Topic: Thinking, Learning, Knowledge
-Ability and progress
-Thought processes
-ing forms or invinitive
-Verb + ing or to



Day Ten 4x 60 min

Topic: People and Relationships, History
-Describe actions
-Express feelings
-Annoying habits
-Family, relationships, work
Grammar: Conditional sentences and Wish
-If I do…, If I did…, If I had done
-I wish I knew…
I wish I had known…